On June 28th, Asincar (Centro Tecnológico de la Industria Agroalimentaria) held at its Asturian offices two conferences devoted to the Circular Economy and the Future of plastics in the food industry (IX Ciclo  Jornadas Técnicas de la Industria Alimentaria).

Conferencia en ASINCAR Junio 2019

In the second conference, “Present and Future of plastics”, Mr. Roman Merino (Technical Manager at STRE)defended the responsible use of plastics for food packaging applications and explained that : “A change of an economy from linear to circular demands investment and restrictions”. Mr. Merino, a chemical engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the plastics sector, talked about a future in which the weight of plastic per packaging unit is reduced, recycling is increased and new biodegradable solutions are found, along with a reduction of generated residues. To sum up, plastic must be integrated within the circular economy.

The main milestones to achieve such proposals are a reduction of consumption, restrictions to which products are commercialized and a better definition of product requirements, as well as more accurate labelling.

Besides, the responsibility of the manufacturer has to be taken into consideration the same as selective waste collection. Altogether, measures to improve end-user awareness and responsibility should be clearly defined.

This event has been published in the Asturian local written press “La Nueva España” and “El Comercio”.

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