1944: establishment of DeBell and Richardson, Inc., dedicated to plastics research and development.

1972: Springborn Laboratories is the leader in quality and plastic developments.

1975: Springborn Laboratories develops encapsulants devoted to photovoltaic modules. The result is modified EVA copolymer.

1979:  Springborn Laboratories starts to promote the trademark Photocap® (EVA for PV industry)

1980: Springborn Testing and Research (STR) starts operations in its production pilot plant.

1990: STR, now Specialized Technology Resources, Inc., increases its production capacity.

2002:  STR creates a subsidiary named Specialized Technology Resources España S.A. (STRE) to cover needs of European customers.

2004: STRE starts production.

2014: STR relocates its headquarters and R&D laboratories in Enfield, CT (USA) and starts strategic cooperation with Zhenfa Energy Group Co. Ltd.

2017: STR´s BOD approves investment to start operations in the industrial packaging market.

2019: STRE starts production of multilayer films.