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The service provided by STRE via its website is for indefinite time, without prejudice to the website to be suspended or cancelled without notice.


STRE website language shall be Spanish, without prejudice to using other international languages. STRE shall not be responsible for either users’ lack of comprehension or understanding of the website language or its consequences.

Website contents are meant to inform and spread STRE products and services. As they have just a guidance purpose, they are not binding on STRE.

STRE could modify delete or change website contents without notice, as well as the way to access them, without justifying such. STRE holds no responsibility for the consequences that this may cause to USERS.

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USERS’ access to the website contents shall be under their full responsibility, therefore STRE shall not be affected  by any direct or indirect, physical, logical, moral or personal consequence coming from the access to the website.

STRE could hold those users, who are inappropriately using the website, responsible for damages to third parties, as well as for potential viruses or software which they could introduce, generate or host on the website, which, in turn, damage or could damage both contents and the correct functioning of the website, as well as of the equipment, systems or programs used by website users.

STRE can act against users for all claims, compensations, penalties or disciplinary penalties issued against STRE, which fall under the direct or indirect responsibility of the USERS of website contents and services.

Any user who gets to know of the existence of actions which are damaging or may damage the correct functioning of STRE website, or may modify or change its contents, must immediately inform STRE of such.


Pursuant to Spanish legislation, STRE informs users that their personal data requested, when signing in or using and/or contracting the products and services offered on the Website, shall be automatically processed and included in the corresponding files, with the necessary security levels to guarantee the protection of such personal data. Likewise, STRE shall make the necessary arrangements and shall provide, extend or improve its activities in order to offer a more customized and efficient service.

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