What is it?

Coextruded translucent high barrier film for dry cereals to be used for “pillow” type packaging in VFFS machines.

Internal or external weld according to the design specifications with a wide weld window.

What advantages does it offer?

Outstanding hot-tack to optimize the output of the packaging production line.

Outstanding coefficient of friction for a quick movement over the production line.

Effective weld even in dusty environment conditions.

Translucent aspect which gives a traditional appearance to the package.

Due to its manufacturing characteristics a homogenous barrier level is achieved across the entire surface, as well as outstanding transparency and mechanical resistance.

Who uses it?

Breakfast cereal manufacturers using vertical packing machines VFFS with and without gas injection.

Where is it used?

Once manufactured the pillow bag can be used with all types of cereals (flakes, extruded, dried fruits, cocoa, etc.).

Any other value added?

With our latest generation manufacturing process, we can extrude thinner films with the same or even better performance (barrier and mechanical resistance) than older systems, which results in:

– Less carbon footprint

– Less raw material consumption

– Less waste generation

– Less environmental taxes (green point)

– Lower Price 

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