What is it?

Coextruded transparent antifog high barrier film to be laminated to bi-oriented films such as Polyester or Polyamide, printed and unprinted.

Weldable to Polyethylene with a wide welding window.

What advantages does it offer?

Due to its manufacturing characteristics,  a rapid elimination of the internal fog layer formed inside the trays is achieved and this effect also remains for a long period of time since the active ingredient is incorporated in the mass.

It has a homogenous barrier level throughout the surface, as well as outstanding transparency and mechanical resistance.

With surface treatment for an easier lamination in processes with and without solvents.

Who uses it?

Film converters, whether they are printing or not, who work with bi-oriented Polyester and Polyamide and bi-oriented Polypropylene.

Where is it used?

Once laminated, its application is among the markets of meats, fish, precooked, and other types of food with high water activity requiring gas barrier.

Any other value added?

With our latest generation manufacturing process, we can extrude thinner films with the same or even better performance (barrier and mechanical resistance) than older systems, which results in:

– Less carbon footprint

– Less raw material consumption

– Less waste generation

– Less environmental taxes (green point)

– Lower Price

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