QPAQ 9LID peel

QPAQ 9LID peel

What is it?

Easy opening coextruded transparent high gas barrier film to be used as lid of rigid trays of Polyester or Polystyrene, with polyethylene at the welded layer.

Weldable to Polyethylene with a wide welding window.

What advantages does it offer?

Easy opening from the flange on the packaging with smooth and uniform opening.

Due to its manufacturing features it is achievable a homogenous barrier level across all the surface, just as outstanding transparency and mechanical resistance.

Who uses it?

Fresh products packers using rigid tray with seamers or thermoforming machines and MAP.

Where is it used?

As tray lid, its application is for fresh pork, chicken and beef, fish, manufactured fresh meat (hamburgers, sausages, marinated foods), precooked food (croquette, breaded foods, pasta, vegetables), sandwiches and any other fresh food on a tray and requiring high gas barrier.

Any other value added?

With our latest generation manufacturing process, we can extrude thinner films with the same or even better performance (barrier and mechanical resistance) than older systems, which results in:

– Una Less carbon footprint

– Un Less raw material consumption

– Una Less waste generation

– Un Less environmental taxes (green point)

– Lower Price

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