Quality Policy

Quality Policy

As part as its commitment to meet client and stakeholder needs and to protect the Environment and the Health and Safety of workers, STR España S.A. has implemented a comprehensive Quality, Food Safety, Environment and Health and Safety at Work management system based on BRC-Packaging, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards for:

  • The manufacturing, commercialization and provision of after-sales services of photovoltaic cell encapsulants.
  • The manufacturing of flexible barrier film to be the material in contact with food. .

The basic principles of this company commitment are:

  • To comply with our client and stakeholder requirements, as well as ours, based on our obligation to produce safe products according to law, while building customer loyalty, meeting the expectations of the interesting parties and the satisfaction of our staff.
  • To assess the risks and dangers related to food safety. To control and minimize them through an effective implementation of a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system to guarantee product safety, quality and lawfulness.
  • To continuously improve our working methods; to integrate Quality in our daily routine tasks; to manage risks as key elements in all processes included in the map of processes, while taking them into account when making decisions; to try to reduce the environmental impact of our activity; to prevent any damage or industrial ill-health of our staff through an appropriate management and implementation of Health and Safety at Work standards. This will include the promotion, implementation and maintenance of practices directed to raising awareness, preventing and reducing those risks related to road safety by committing to continuous improvement based on obtained outcomes.
  • To establish objectives and goals in line with the commitment to continuous improvement.
  • To provide the necessary human and financial resources to effectively implement quality management system processes and of the product safety program, as well as to support compliance with different regulations.
  • To effectively plan and clearly communicate and understand the requirements of our clients in order to meet and exceed their needs and expectations. Likewise, to communicate quality, environmental, health and safety at work and food safety deficiencies and suggestions to be analysed, improved and, if viable, applied.
  • To comply with the legislation in force and with other requirements endorsed by the organization, thus ensuring that all tasks are carried out following pollution prevention criteria in order to try to minimize their environmental impact while committing with the Health and Safety of our workers.
  • To involve, motivate and get the staff be committed through training and the participation in the management, development and application of management systems meant to achieve the objectives and goals defined.
  • People are the most important value for our future. For this reason, staff must be qualified and identified with the objectives of our organization. Their opinions must be taken into account.
  • Every task must be performed without compromising environmental, health and safety and food safety aspects due to both economic or productivity reasons.
  • SPECIALIZED TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES ESPAÑA, S.A. underlines its commitment with ethics and health and safety, with the clear and transparent compliance with regulations by implementing a crime prevention model, risk management and ethic code follow-up.
  • At STRE, it is our intention to promote healthy habits for our staff. We want to integrate those habits as a part of our safety and health at work and within continuous improvement of our organization. Our objective is not only to fulfil legal requirements but also to contribute in an active manner to improve health and general well-being of our staff and their environment
  • To implement this policy by communicating it to the whole staff and making it available to stakeholders.

David Gómez Espina

General Manager