After a long and detailed process, two years ago our Company decided to diversify and go into the packaging market. The reasons behind this decision were not only technical but also commercial.

Extrusion bubble

From a technical point of view, the manufacturing of a multilayer film has obvious synergies and common elements with our current activity, (extrusion) such as the knowledge of plastic transformation, of raw materials vendors and the extrusion know-how.

From a commercial point of view, a sustained and regular growth for this market is projected, especially for the high value-added films sub-market.

Line start up

During the month of February the startup of the line took place, with the manufacturing of the first films. On one hand, the products are high barrier EVOH films, standard and reclosable, designed to be laminated to substrates such as PET, OPA or OPP for the manufacture of barrier complexes, usually printed .

On the other hand, a range of lid films, tray covers for meat packaging and fresh meats, fish, cheeses and precooked foods have been made. In addition, we have created another range of skin barrier products for packaging fresh meat pieces, cheeses and any product where enhanced presence and oxygen barrier is required. We also plan to develop different features such as reclosable, peelable, active, tinted, etc., according to our customers’ requirements .

But this is just the beginning. Our R&D department has a wide variety of films under review to cover specific needs of our customers in the coextruded high-barrier films field, such as certain films for cereals, interleaving, bag-in-box, bondable with EVA to other rigid substrates, directly printed (without lamination process) and many others.

Also, if you have a project requiring a multilayer film currently unavailable in the market, we will we be delighted to start a development collaboration specific for your needs.